Swinging ettiquete for newbies

There are a few rules, the do's and don't for swinging and we have a few basic rules right here which you can find right here. If your interested in being part of the swinger scene and are looking to meet new exciting partners along the way then please be sure to join essexswingersclub.co.uk for free today.

New swinger couples - All new couples who are looking to start swinging must keep this in mind swinging is for open minded couples and it wont go down to well if you arrive as a couple and one of you leave early. If you come together then you must leave together.


The parties don't last for ever! Get to your party location early and get straight in on the action if you arrive an hour or so before the party ends then you're not going to experience everything you like are you. Another reason as to why you should always join the party is if you arrive mid flow of the party things can become somewhat awkward for all taking part.


Always be friendly with everyone at the party - Be friendly and polite, If you're not interested in pursuing anything with another couple then let them down gently. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.


Keep to your limits - If you say your just going for a soft swap or same room fun then stick with it, Your wife might not like the fact your just going to fuck another woman. make sure you and your partner are 100% into swinging, Remember swinging isn't a band aid for a cracked marriage you must talk it through and if you're both on the same page then take it further, Start slow and build your way up to more enjoyable experiences.


Be straight from the start let everyone know if you're a newbie or not and what your limits are, saves any confusion down the line.


Remember No means no - If a lady declines you just walk away, don't make her give you an explanation just move on to someone else.


Hygiene and healthy is 100% important Keep yourselves clean and put a rubber on the end of it. Stay safe and have fun swinging guys and girls.

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